The Landing MX in MD???


hope your knee feels better!

I m up for a ride at the landing.

cool track, reminds me alot of supercross

well maintained and safe.


Sorry for the delay in responding. Lately I ride the most at The Landing MX. Sometimes a neighbors farm just to get time on the bike. Two places to ride locally, risk of ticketing included for free, Surrattsville and RT5. Still trying to work my way back to the private tracks. How about you? Your just across the river from me. I'm down 210 in Southern Clinton in the middle of what few farms aleft around here.

I'm actually going to be at the track on Sunday July 7th. I've been there once before but it's about 3 hours from my house plus having to pay $40/day doesn't help out much. For me, I wish there wasn't such a large gap in skill levels between the intermediate track and the pro track. I easily jumped everything on the intermediate track but only jumped about half of the things on the pro track. Hopefully next time. G


I,m heading out to the landing on sunday

hope to get there around 9am

anyone else up for a ride ?

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