Not using fork protectors

I have noticed that alot of people are taking off the round fork protectors on Yamaha forks to make them look like the factory bikes bell bottom style. Does this have any effect on the fork either positively or negatively?

how do they take them off?

There's just that one bolt. Just undo that and they pull off.

I didn't run them on my '01 and I don't run them on my '04. The fork protectors are more prone to damage witout the guides, but I have never had any problems. IMO it looks cleaner without them and saves an ounce or two.

You can clean and lube the dust seals way quicker without having to remove that slider guide. It's worthless, ditch it.

So you are talking about the slide guide and not the protectors? I took the things off and put zip ties in their place to prevent scuffing the outer tubes(which would be only cosmetic and is pretty unlikely anyways).

Most bikes don't have them in the first place and neither will the -05 Yamahas according to the photos posted on the Web a couple of weeks ago.

Zip ty's? How and where?

The zip-ties go around the outer for tube where the guide used to be. They come out of the groove just enough for the protectors to touch them first should they be on their way to contact the tube.

ok...I misunderstood what part you were talking about. Heck mine are usless as one is gone on the right so I could install the "holeshot device" and the left one is just there as I modified the protector when I did the CR brake line.

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