I really did it this time

I was loading up my bike the other day in my truck and I had the first tie down on . Then I thought it was leaning far enough over to set there while I got around to the other side . I heard one of my buddies yell over to tell me to check out the track and watch a guy on 400EX jumping a huge double . I turned around and the bike came down into the side of the box Smashing the Left side radiator . Anybody have a radiator for an 01 YZ426 Left side Please let me know. :D:D:D:D:)

rvanliere, a friend of mine here in Sioux Falls parted out a 2000 a while back, I'll call him tonight and see if he has a left side yet or if it got sold.

How bad is the radiator smashed? There's a place in SLC,UT that can fix any smashed radiator for $35.00 to $45.00 dollars. They could have it done and shipped within 3 days. I know its less money to have fixed then to by a new one. Let me know and i could get a number for ya. :):D

I had my bike (CR500)hanging off a tie down on the ground next to the truck because I was too tired to throw it up on the stand, and the wind blew it over toward the truck and bent a brand new radiator just like that. I feel for ya buddy, Id give that place in Ut. a try. Radiators are expensive has heck man.

Hay man the number to call is 1-(801)280-8040. the name is MYLERS. They can fix it, my friend smashed his during a race and he took it to them. I thought he was crazy to think they could fix it, but they did and it was $40.00. Good luck man. :)

Mylers does great work....I have used them a few times....

SD900 that would be very cool . Please let me know . And to everyone else a very big thank you for your consolement and information . :)

Mylers fixed mine too and they were in pretty bad shape. $100 for both of them.

just a word to the wise, investing in some works connection radiator braces, or devol racing radiator guards is a good idea. ive dropped my bike 2 times off my truck and the rad's r just fine. they owe their lives to my WC rad braces.


Another word to the wise.....Stop dropping your bike off of the truck!!!

never actually fell off the truck . Just tipped over and hit the side rail . Bad part is I had a Kickstand to put down. How stupid is that . God I feel terrible . :):D:D

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