Problems in me Head (Pipe)

I am finally getting around to installing a new GYT-R stainless steel head-pipe.

The problem I am having is the old pipe (I don't know if it is stock or FMF)

fits into my FMF power-core 4 Q pipe and the GYT-R pipe fits loosely around the outside.

Has anybody else had this problem or have any ideas on how to make it work?

I like the fit of the new pipe. It is a bunch of B.S. having to take off the head pipe to get to the oil filter.

Here are both pipes


Here is the old pipe


Here is the new pipe


Someone may have a better solution, but any auto parts store should have pipe reducers and clamps that will work for that.

Better yet, take it to a muffler shop and have them weld a reducer onto that pipe that will work.

I have a similar problem. My bike has a DSP factory system which is way too loud, so I bought a YZ muffler for it. The header pipe(DSP) end and the mid pipe(stock) end are the same size so wont slip inside eachother. Maybe you could get a bit of thimwall SS pipe to use as a spacer between the two? I was goning to get a stock header pipe, but if I have to remove the pipe to change the oil filter I wont be doing that :thumbsup:

It looks like you have a GYT-R oversized or tapered header where the joint diameter is larger then the stock (old) header. I think the fmf muffler cant be fitted with that header unless you saw out the joint and weld it with a bigger diameter pipe where the header joins the muffler

well.... thats my opinion

Just to add.... I think the stock muffler will fit the GYT-R header (need to remove the copper insert on the stock pipe though)

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