Big smile on my face right now.....

After starting out in MX at age 34 about 4 years ago on an '00 YZ426, then moving to an '03 YZ450, I thought I was done for good last year. Last September I broke my hand on a practice lap on race day, and since I am a dentist it put me out of work for a month. I sold the bike and figured that was the end for me. After 9 months away, I couldn't resist the urge any longer and yesterday I picked up my brand new '04 YZ450 (at the remarkable price of $5,000). Just got back from my first ride (at the same track where I broke my hand). Man, I can't describe how good it feels to be riding again. The bike is awesome, just as the other two were. :thumbsup:

I know how you feel I am a Mechanic and I have broken my right arm, my right hand (at different times) Fractured my T11 in my back and broke my tail bone. When I get hurt Im out for a long time due to my line of work. But I cant give it up. I to got a late start in riding I am also a big guy 265lbs so when I crash its hard. Thank God for Aflac!!! I have no words of advice just to let you know your not alone. Good luck

Congrats on your return!

Btw, where did you find an 04 YZ for $5000?

I've got an awesome deal lined up from rockriverpowersports, so I'm just curious...

I got it from Bardwell Yamaha in Brookhaven, Mississippi. They always have the best deals in the La./Ms. area. I also got my Tech 8's there for $241!

I also have a job where I would be screwed if I got hurt at all so I bought a disability policy, you can find them everywhere, they will pay if I get hurt and cant do my job, it costs me $40 a month but its peace of mind.!!!

Man you Guys got real nice Prices over there.

I paid 6200 Euros wich are about 7440$ 3 weeks ago for my YZ450F :thumbsup::awww:

But it`s worth it :lol:

Greez from Germany


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