Air box needed????

I went out to just remove and cleanmy air filter. For

some reason I started looking at the air box. Thinking

more air flow the better. I removed the sub frame and

then the air box. I ended up with 3 peices, the back

part that bolts on the bottom of the fender to

protect the shock, and the frame of the box with the

side pannles(now laying on the floor), and the boot

between the carb andthe filter. I used some plummers

strap on the sides for support. Bolted the straps on

to the back side of the filter basket then

used the bolt for the subframe. Is this a good thing or not?


not. Not sure what your saying exactly but the airbox should not come apart unless you take it apart.

Sorry I didn't make my self clear. Yes I took

my air box apart. I put the one peice back on

the rear fender, then the boot for the filter

with the filter on.

I would have to believe more important to not let the filter get clogged. One thing I love about this airbox is that it doesn't get dirty. To me that means better airflow through out the day. I guess you can do that for a 5 lap race but you'll have to clean it again afterwords because it'll be chocked with dirt.

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