'87 XR600R FS or FT

I am looking at selling or trading my XR600R with goodies for something that is a dual sport. I purchased this to convert to street legal, but I would like electric start. Bike is in extremely good shape and I can get pictures of anything you would like. I am looking for a dual sport bike of equal or greater value. I am located in Toledo, Ohio and would like to make a deal with someone local. Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing the bike or trading. Thanks for looking.

How much? And what are the "goodies"?

Wow, someone in Toledo has a XR600R? I thought for sure I'd be the lone XR rider in these parts. :awww: You must go out to the State Forest then? Who knows, maybe we'll see each other out there or around town sometime. :thumbsup:

I would like to get $1200 out of it since I paid more for it than that (however, I have had a blast with it and am willing to take some loss). It has new tires (although I have ridden on the street and they are not brand new anymore), new gears, sand tire, White Bros. exhaust, repair manual, etc.

I live not too far away from the forest (almost Grand Rapids, OH.) I have heard it is a nice place to ride. One of the reasons I purchased it was b/c my two neighbors (10 and 12 years old) have XR100's and they looked like fun. I am 32 and have as much fun as they do in the field behind the house.

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