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Yamaha yfz 450 vs Honda 400ex

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Hey everyone, I’m torn as to what machine to buy. I’m stuck between the more powerful yfz 450 and the trx 400ex. One of my main concerns is having to drop a bunch of money on an engine rebuild for the 450. If I’m trail riding would a rebuild even be necessary after a couple seasons of riding? Also, I only know the basic mechanics of these machines so for maintenance I would do an oil chance and clean the air filter every few rides. Would this be enough to keep the 450 running without to many issues? I would like to have the more powerful machine but I know the 400ex’s are bulletproof and will run forever. Thanks for any input you guys may have. 

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I've ridden both, 400ex is pretty slow and undersuspended in comparison to the 450, if you are just cow trailing around the 400 would be fine, I know this isn't what you asked but I ended up with a raptor 700r which is actually kind of in the middle of those two. Reliable like the 400 and just a little slower than the 450

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