Front brake caliper bracket.

Hey guys my brother happened to break the bracket that holds the front brake caliper into place the other day. It's the piece thats on the inside of the caliper and one pin is attached to it and another from the caliper slides into it. Yamaha actually says it is part of the caliper so they want him to order the entire assembly. It's over $200 so I was wondering if anyone knew of a better way than ordering the entire unit. Know of anyone that would sell just the bracket or aftermarket?

I have one that I just took off of my bike. A 2000 426. I would take 30.00 plus shipping if that sounds fair. I just installed an oversize rotor that came with a different one. Pm me at


I don't know what year YZF you have, but try HERE

Crap, I wished I would have tried writing to TT. I busted mine on a log last fall and ended up eating the $200 from my friendly local yamaha dealer. Oh well, live and learn....

At first I thought having an internet service was going to cost me, ($20 month) but actually it saves me tons of cash with the help of friends at T-Talk! :)

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