2000 YZ426F Owners Manual needed

Does any one have the manual that came with the 2000 yz426f they would like to sell? I bought it last year and had the best time on it. Before I go riding this year, I need to change the oil, filter, spark plug, etc.... I do not know were to begin with this bike, it is nothing like my klx300r.

I am selling a 2001 YZ426F Service Manual on eBay.

I also owned a 2000 YZ426F, but recently sold it. My 2000 came with a service manual that was very good, but after seeing the 2001 edition, I also purchased it... (A little more information and with corrections to the 2000 edition). I gave the 2000 edition to the buyer of my bike...

For oil changes and basic service procedures, there isn't much differce between the 2000 and 2001 models, so it should work great for you.

If you're interested, the opending bid is $1.99... click below:

YZ426FN Service Manual

pbotney-I hope you plan to chnage your oil more than just once this year as it sounds like you might not. If not, you will need many new parts along with your service manual to continue riding.

I lost my manual for my 00 426 and bought a great service manual from amazon.com It's not the original one, but Clymer makes great service books that are a lot better and more indepth on every single part of the bike. It will gives you written and illustrated instructions on how to do preety much anything on the bike.

good luck.

Do a search. Sirthumpalot posted the manual in bitmap form. Very cool of him!

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