How do you change the oil and filter on 2004 wr450?

Hi can someone tell me the steps to change oil and oil filter on 2004 wr450. Thanks :thumbsup:

Just finished doing mine. Takes about 45 minutes. Here what I do:

Run the bike for a minute or so.

Remove the drain plug at the bottom back of the engine and drain.

Then, remove the drain plug on the front frame and drain. (The manual calls for remove more plugs lower in the engine, but I don't bother.)

Remove the strainer under the front frame drain plug and inspect. (I only do this the first time, then every 5th or 6th change)

I then place some duct tape just below the oil filter cover, and tape a folded newspaper to catch the dripping oil and direct it to a pan instead of on the side of my engine.

Remove the filter cover and filter. (be careful not to drop any of the three o rings into the the pan)

Replace the filter and install the cover. Make certain the o rings are seated properly. Be careful not to over torque the 3 screws.

Inspect the re-installed components, then add one quart of oil.

Start the engine for a minute then check the oil level and add a more to top off.

Spray some brake cleaner around all the oil plug and filter areas. This desolves any residual oil so you can check for leaks.

I started using synthetic 4 stroke oil after reading some posts on TT. Synthetic is formulated to handle heat better. I have over heated my clutch on long single track winding uphills, so I want good oil.

Replace the filter o rings and drain plug washers every few changes.

Mine is an 03, but the 04 should be the same. :thumbsup:

Instructions are in your manual. You can download a copy from this forum if you got the bike without a manual. You really need a manual to maintain this bike. :thumbsup:

Thanks Guys!!! :thumbsup:

As Indy says, refer to the manual and that bike will last a long time.

My experiences with the strainer are that it should be removed and inspected/cleaned the first 2 or 3 oil changes, then maybe not so frequently if it has never collected any material. I change the oil and filter every 300 miles and don't rev the engine too much, so the oil stays pretty clean.

Be carefully removing the strainer. I have had trouble breaking that nut loose. Use quality tools and be careful not to damage the connecting engine hose.

Buy a Magnetic Drain Plug for the Case. It is worth the money. With only 1100 cc of oil, these bikes need to have the oil change regularly. Every 200 miles is a good interval. :thumbsup:

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