Rubber Mounted Bars

The vibration of the WR450 is really starting to get to me on long dual sport rides.

Which rubber mounted bars and clamps are working out well for you guys for reducing vibration?

And are there any cabling issues if I go for larger bars?


I run the BRP rubber mounted clamps with Pro Tapers. I am a high mileage rider and stock vibration is not acceptable for long rides. I got the BRP clamps from Scotts with my steering damper package. I am very happy. They offer 3 different rubber compounds, soft med. hard. I have the medium and it dulls the vibration to low frequency range. Make sure you dont overtighten them. Your bar ends should be able to move forward and back 1" at the tips when you sit on the bike and load up the bars. These mounts significantly reduce shoulder and arm fatigue. I am surprised more off road riders dont use them. :thumbsup:

BRP also. they're almost too pretty to put on the bike.

I just whacked some hard rubber in between the handle bar mounts and the triple clamp. Works fine for me & cheap too.

Thanks guys.

Good Mcgyver there Missile.

My WR has a solid piece mount/triple clamp, so looks like I should checkout BRP.

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