Pro Meg E-series pipe for sale cheap !

I have a white Brothers E-series pro meg pipe for sale . I need to sell it to get my Thunder Alley Ceramic Coated . I am asking $150 plus shipping . I priced a new one at and it was $298 . This pipe also includes a spark arrestor.A very good deal compared to what new is . Its in very good shape ( no dents or dings ) a couple of small scratches that the side cover hides most of .Very trick pipe sounds awsome and vastly improves performance . No Jetting Required . :):D:D

send me some pictures and depending on how it looks, I will buy it from you.

how old is the silencer (will it need repacking), how many disc come with, and did it melt you side plate or fender.

Sold to Bambislayer - Congrats. You will like this pipe alot . I would love to keep it but I need the cash to ceramic coat my thunder alley .Will send you all the info ya need . Thanks , Ryan

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