Anyone want to get rid of a starter for an 03 WR 450??

I think my starter on my 03 WR450 is going bad. The bike runs fine, but when I try to start it sometimes, the motor just spins as if the bendix gear is not engaging. A bit of fiddling with the button and it will work. Also, sometimes I push the button and nothing happens. So, if I leave the clutch out and bump the bike backwards, it usually will start on subsequent tries.

I think this is just a worn starter. Any other opinions?

I know a lot of guys pulled their starters to save weight. Anyone want to get rid of one?


First off there is no bendix on the starter. There is a one-way clutch on the back of the flywheel that disengages the starter. Not sure if your problem is the motor or more likely the clutch. Occasionally I've had my '04 not turn over like you described. I just roll it a little in gear and that usually does the trick. I think it happens when the bike stops on the compression stroke and the auto decomp is not engaged. I don't think there's any mechanical problem just a little quirk in the design.

The e-start motor is weak. As PBDBlue says sometimes the bike stops at a high compression point and the e- start motor does not have enough torque to crank it up. Bumping the crank with the kick starter helps getting it in postion. I suspect the motors are so marginal that we will need to replace them after a few years. Also the battery on this bike is marginal on lasting more than 2 years and you may not be getting full amps. :thumbsup: Has anyone got a Hawker gel or superior aftermarket battery to fit in the Yamaha battery tray?

Never had anything like that happen with mine yet. A friend pulled his starter and found that some of the teeth on the starter motor gear were chipped off. He had had some jetting issues and a few hiccups/backfires while starting. You may want to pull the torque limiter gear cover off and have a look at the gears in there if you are having it just spin.


Chech the Starter clutch on the back of the flywheel and replace.

Then fit the 04' starter tourqe limiter and bits

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