Subdevelopment south of Berthoud

hey dude i ride their too. ill check that out this weekend.

Went to VDR the other ay, and noticed they are building a neighborhood About ten feet away to the south. I wonder whats gonna happen when houses go up and chodes from California, Texas and every other part of the country start to move in. THERE GONNA CLOSE BERTOUD, thats what's gonna happen!!! I am hoping that this will not happen, but I do not see that track staying open when there are houses twenty yards away. This sh!t makes me so fu@king mad I could....get on my 426 and ride the piss out of it while I still can!!

Dude...that would frickin' suck!! :) They build there knowing that the track is there. The other thing is that their is housing to the west as well, but that part of the track gets hardly any traffic. I got an idea, how about we all go buy a house there :D

We are screwed. I talked to a track worker today. 68 homes going in. He gives Berthoud MX 2 years at most.

Get some good lawyers asap! Believe me, when money is flying around (realestate being sold to developers) the politicians are more than happy to side with the paying party. If you want to see real overdevelopment move to South Florida! You've got an uphill fight, good luck!

I went to Berthoud today. Saw the area where the houses are going in. Most of it is on the west end of Berthoud so hopefully we will at least have the main track for a couple more years. The entrance to this new construction is on the west side, the name of it is "Serenity Ridge". With a name like that I don't think they can coexist with a motocross track. Maybe they should rename it "Insanity Ridge". :D

No developer with any sense would build houses next to a track if they didn't believe they could get it closed. Enjoy Berthoud while you can, the clock is ticking :)


Originally posted by MAD POTTER:

the name of it is "Serenity Ridge". With a name like that I don't think they can coexist with a motocross track. Maybe they should rename it "Insanity Ridge". :)


That will make about as much sense as the guy in Palmer Lake complaining about the MX track noise. I've seen a max of 5 people at a time there. The kicker is that he's closer to the RR tracks than the MX track.

Serenity Ridge... 300 yards from I25. Yea, real serene.


Looks like I got out in the nick of time! What is going on over there near Erie? That guy is just getting started. Berthoud has been there ever since I can remember and like you say its right next to the interstate...

What is going on over there near Erie?

Erie would be a way better track if it was groomed. The only time that it gets any work done on it seems to be race day (Weekend) and the track is real tight. Berthoud is the best track in the area by far, it would really suck to see it get closed :):D

DEVELOPERS VS. DIRTBIKERS: I wonder who will win?

When the new residents start complaining about the noise from the track and it shuts down, I'm taking the silencer off my bike and ripping up and down every street in trhat neighborhood at 3:00 in the morning, then again at 4:20, once a month, until I get arrested.

"If you hate the smell of cow sh!t, don't move in next to a dairy farm"

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