new YZ 450F.....Exhaust recommendations

Howdy everyone,

Just switched from a 03 CR 250 TO A NEW YZ 450F!

It was my second and last 2 stroke

I was brought up on 4's so I have some experience. Some Q's

1. Best do all exhaust.....I want to ride both motocross and offroad...I've been looking really hard at the FMF TI 4 and the WB R4, any other suggestions would be great.

2. best carbon fiber frame guards

3. best hand guards, bark busters etc.

4. best place to find deals on these items

Thanx a ton

Best pipe is the Powerbomb header with any muffler even stock. I dont knwo what your looking for as far as noise. If you dont mind the noise then get the Factory4. It's sweet. Otherwise get a Q.

I like the Dubach exhaust. I ride mostly MX tracks and the noise is about the same as the stock system.

I vote White Brothers, R4 or E series have ridden both and awesome results. Need to jet for both.

:lol:Thanx for the input the FMF sounds sweet. I'll need a removable sa. Noise dosn't bother me as I have a full Yosh system on my Raptor.....loud as hell! But very cool! I'm also looking for a new graphics kit but with the new gripper seat from the factory I don't need or want a cover...does anyone sell a quality team kit without the cover? Where do you guys get the best deals and what's the deal with the Zyp Ty fuel screw adjuster.

Thanx again Bros :thumbsup:

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