Kouba extended fuel screw w/T-handle


If you can't get the Kouba T handle and screw as one unit, make the handle on motoman 393 site and buy the stock screw. It cost me a dollar something for some brake line and I have enough left to make 3 more handles. Its been on my bike for 4 months and works great!

Call Kouba. They sell the whole screw assembly plus the T handle.

Good luck,


Hey guys,

I was looking over the search feature under these Kouba t-handles and extended fuel screws. I see that supposedly you can order an extended fuel screw that comes w/ the T-handle. This is what I read in some previous threads from may of this year. But according to the link for Kouba it does not say that it comes w/ the t-handle. What about the oring and spring ??? I know some of you have ordered these so can you help me out?? Let me know what the deal is and how quick can I get one. I called Norman Kouba and left a message about needing one by using the number given on the website. I would much rather spend 20 bucks than the 30-50 I will spend just for the jet at my local ripoff dealer. I know it is a minimum of 25 bucks for an order but I have no problem ordering 2 cuz my bud can use it for his 450 when it comes in. Let me know ASAP guys so I can order it today if that is what I need if it comes with all the necessary hardware. Thanks, Frank

Frank the Kouba tool is the T-handle, it is a brass piece of tubing that fits over the existing fuel screw, press fits on. The t-handle is long enough so you can stop the bike, reach down and make fuel screw adjustments. I think it is a great product, granted mine vibrated out, but the months that it was in there I loved having it. Should be getting another soon. Make sure you superglue or use some type of bonding material at install. Great product, go for it.

I know what the T-handle is, I am wondering if you can order the fuel screw with the t-handle as a kit. That's what I read in some post's from May of this year. Something like $20 bucks for screw and t-handle together. Oring, spring?? not sure whether they come with it or not?? anyone else??

Thanks guys,

Norman left me a message yesterday evening and he does have the whole screw assembly with the t-handle. I will order one from him today. (probably two if it has to be a $25 minimum order) Anyway thought I was gonna be able to ride this weekend but gotta work. So I will let you know how it turns out next week. Frank

I've seen the posts about the PS falling out. On my '99 WR400, this is the older FCR, you cannot remove the PS without first removing the float bowl, it won't come out.

I was going to install a T handle type setup, but because of the float bowl I opted to make the special screwdriver off of motoman's web site.

The hole for the PS in the float bowl could be drilled out, but then the PS has the possibility of falling out.


I have the Kouba tee handle for an existing screw and was a little disappointed. If you have to get two to meet the $25 minimum (I did and gave a buddy the other t handle), I'll buy the other full screw from you. If interested, PM me.



someone please post a url to where i can see this product? it sounds cool, thanks alot.

if you would like to buy a inst-turn pm me ad ill give you mailing address insta-turn1.JPG

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