Hi Guys, Im new to the liquid cooled thumpers i just got a yz450f '04 and i would like to ask some questions and i would really apreciate your answers. ok

1- is the motor suppost to be noisy, i mean i can really hear whats goin on in there is that normal?

2- any mods i should do the the 450f?

3- Do these bikes have any problems?

4- i just finished breakin it in, im gonna changet the oil do i have to change the oil filter?

thanks in advance guys ! :thumbsup:

one more thing...

do liquid cooled engines make more noise than air cooled engines?

Yeah the engine noise is normal. listen to a KTM 450 and you'll think your YZF is as quite as a mouse.

A good quick mod is to unplug the throttle position sensor at the carby, seems to smooth out the "hit" a bit. Get a good chain before the stock one kills your sprockets. i didn't know this until it was too late. If you've got some cash, get some nice bars and thats about it.

yeah change the filter the first few times as there will be a fair bit of crap come out the first few times. better yet, get a good stainless oil filter. they work better and faster and are re-usable so you'll save money in the long run.

YZF's are very reliable, i doubt you'll every have a problem with it if you do your maintenance properly.

enjoy the big blue beast!

yea it sound like the valve and cams are out of adjustment but that is a normal sound, I evan checked my clearences before my first ride to make sure, but it is all good.

Change oil every ride and filter every 3rd that is what I do.I geared my rear sprocket up 2 teeth because of the tight tracks I ride and got a new D.I.D chain Im happy with the setup the low end punch is awsome!!!

thanks for responding guys! :thumbsup:


throw in some good handlebars, leave the throttle positioning sensor alone, get an hour meter and change oil every 3hours, filter every 6hours und you should be fine!!!!

I put on a BRAKING oversized wave rotor, because I wasn`t pleased with the front brake performance....but this is personal taste as is suspension modifieing!!!!!

Sorry man...I get a laugh out of these posts! :awww:

The '04 450F is so stupidly fast most of us aren't using 1/2 the power they produce...yet, we have to make mods. My advise...get the good chain, good bars, spend any extra money on suspension and don't touch the TPS, or anything else. Maybe jet to your local area and enjoy. When you can blitz the gnarliest whoops tapped in 4th, go for the mods...until then, enjoy like the rest of us. Of course, if you are already a pro...disregard my comments. The single biggest performance gains are (1) rider lose weight -myself included (2) suspension upgrades.



p.s. I am fat & slow! :thumbsup:

hahhaha well im 120 lbs and 5,6 i dont think i need any weight lost

hey is it normal for a 04 yz450f to have clutch chadder or some kind of noise like that...

When the bike is idleing in neutral with the clutch out it makes a chadder sort of a rattle maybe and when i pull the clutch in the noiswe almost goes away is this normal for the '04??? i thought i t got fixed?? am i wrong ?? is this normal ??

help ! :thumbsup:

Go ride.

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