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Help understanding Baja designs dim issue

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New guy to dirt riding and here. I purchased a 2001 Honda XR400 That had a Baja designs kit and is street legal. Perfect for getting me to trails 9 miles away. However, I don't understand a few things:

1 the headlight is dim, like really dim when accelerating, actually brighter when clutch is pulled in. Why?

2 the turn signals never get bright enough to be effective. They have about 7 little LEDs in a line and only 3 or so ever light up 🤔

3 there is a switch on the side of the front fairing that I would think turns the whole light kit off, wires coming to it from main system as far as I can tell without removing the whole thing, but it does nothing... 🤷‍♂️

4 the headlight has 3 settings, H = high beams, P=parking or low beams and then the last setting is a filled in circle. When I switch back to that full circle - it cuts the engine.... Is that supposed to happen? I would think it would just turn off the head light, like for long trail rides when not needed. 


I'm assuming something is not wired up correctly and I'm not much of a wrench. I'm willing to learn, but videos out there seem lacking. 


Can anyone help with diagnostics? I have pics and link to a video. 





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