fuel tank used in the Australian safari

Anyone from down under. I read where the WR450F used in the Australian safari has a 6 gallon fuel tank. I want one really bad and have emailed 10-15 people and have had no response what so ever. Supposedly the tanks are made by a local canoe company called Auqaline. If you have any suggestions or know someone who might please send me a line. thank you

Try email amtra.com.au there last high country ride was sponsered by "safari tanks australia" they may be able to give you a number, tell 'em Steve Simmonds referred you, the president is Ian Robinson, hth

those tanks are normally custom made for the teams and racers, by going to a fabricating place they may be able to make you one if you take in your old tank so they can mould off the back of it.

I saw a wr450 at the motorshow in Brisbane earlier this year and it had the 35 litre fuel tank on it.

Try contacting ballards http://www.ballards.cc/

for info.

It looked very well designed but I don't know who made it but the guys at Ballards should be able to help.

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