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TLC on an 09 ec300

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Hello all, 

I'm new to GG but I just picked one up and so far I like it. Going through the bike and taking care of a few things currently. Need to do full lower and upper rebuild on the engine, mainly due to trans leaks. Finally got the Rekluse clutch working due to the previous owners not having it installed properly. Will need new fork seals and then I should be good to go. I am wondering about the rear brake lever though. There appears to be a spot on the lever where a spring should attach for rebound, however there is no spring and I can not find where else it would attach to. I've found a rebound spring for newer ec and xc's however that looks like it goes on the master cylinder itself. Any suggestions? Also, if anyone has a good website to find parts for these things it would be greatly appreciated as I'm finding they can be pretty difficult to come by things that I would be able to go to the local dealer for if I had a Honda or a KTM. 



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Welcome to the family.  There are several suppliers for parts in Europe (Germany, Spain) but I have no clue about the US. There is a GaGas parts guy whose website Europeans cannot access but I admit I forgot the link.

edit: just found the link: GasGas Parts Guy Pottsville, PA (570) 429-0678, www.gasgaspartsguy.com

Unable to answer your other questions, sorry. But soon the GG specialists will be there. In the meantine you can cross post your questions at http://www.gasgasrider.org/forum/

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