Carb breather hoses: re-routing

I've found that during deep water crossings the WR splutters and will die if the revs aren't kept high. I she does die, it's an absolute bugger to start until itsbeen left standing for a while (to dry out).

I've been told that re-routing the carb breather hoses to the airbox will solve the problem. I also tested it by putting the hose ends in a glass of water and turning up the idle - it started to suck water up the hoses (I figure water in the carb can't be a good thing :).

I tried putting them all up there but one started to get fuel build up in it - the others seemed OK.

Can someone tell me which hoses should be re-routed and which can/should stay down.

The trick is to get some small T's at the auto parts store, and route the hoses both up and down.

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