dual sport gearing yz426

Any one else out there wacko like me that is dual sporting their yz400/426?? any tips on gearing??I am trying 15/46 now,seems ok,i know with the yz trans anything i do will be a compromise.any thoughts? (i know,before anyone says it's a mx bike,you shoulda bought the wr but, i gotta make due.)



You can put the 5th gear from the WR right into the YZ if that is what your looking for. It definately does help lowering the rpm's or for that matter, increasing the top speed drastically. I like mine. I get to keep the first four gears for MX, and I have one HYPERSPEED!!! Maniac :)

I just got back from a long dual sport ride today on my bike (WR trans) and when I was riding I was wondering if anyone made a replacement 5th gear set with more overdrive?

thanks for the replies i've often thought about the WR's 5th gear and leave the rest alone.

Maniac998 is there a noticable gap between the YZ 4th and the WR 5th?? if not this could be my winter project :):D what all did you need to buy to do this?(trans gears ect..)and with this setup what gearing are you running??

till then i'll just make do with the final gearing i have,i run the 15/46 when i plan to dual sport and switch to a 13tooth c/s sprocket for off road,this gives me very close to stock gearing(13/46 vs stock 14/49)and still use same chain.

thanks again


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