Help! bent frame

My buddy has a 04 WR450. A recent wreck bent/kinked his frame close to where the little oil dip stick plug is. Its wierd, the front tire and the front of the frame don't align like they should with the handlebars straight. :thumbsup: Does anyone know anyone who fixes them or where I can find a less expensive one? :excuseme:I am currently looking on E-Bay. It sucks he's still paying on the loan and already dealing with a bent frame :lol:

Any help with this is really appreciated. :lol:

Thanks :awww:

Ouch! What did he hit to bend his frame? Can you actually see the kink in the frame? I have seen frames for these on ebay.

Good luck,


Are you sure the frame is bent? It is very common to twist the front forks in the triple clamps as the result of a crash. The result is similar to what you are describing - i.e. the front wheel doesn't line up to the handlebars. The fix is easy and free. Simply loosen the triple clamp bolts and the front axle, let everything spring back to normal and retighten all the bolts.

Kind of what I was thinking.

I agree, I think if you actually bent your frame there, you probably would have much of anything left at all to work with !

Hey guys it's definately the frame. I ride too and know of what you speak of with the forks in the triple clamps, but this is the actual frame. The handlebars are straight and the front wheel is straight, but the forks/handlebars are not inline with the frame. Almost offset. I saw it yesterday. Unfortunately he collided with another rider and wound up totally breaking his face and teeth even with a helmet on. Now he has plates and cups holding his face together. I was with him that day, although I don't like to remember what I saw, this was an eye opener for all of us who ride on public trails to be extremely careful- especially around blind corners. The damage was done by the time I got and it was hard to see a buddy go through the pain. SO BE CAREFULL OUT THERE EVERYONE!!!!

Anyway, not sure how fast they hit but he actually put a little crease in the frame by the little oil dip stick. I think the frame is bad but you never know if someone out there is extremely handy and can fix it. I know this won't be an easy task to find a "newer" "less expensive" frame- but I have to try. After all the hospital bills and loss of work my buddy is going through hard times not to mention being bummed out about his brand new ride.

Thanks for any help :awww:


The frame is steel and can be straightened and rewelded if necessary. I am not a big fan of aluminum frames for this reason. Steel is superior for crashing and repairing. Hopefully the frame bend is obvious and it can be repaired close to the stock alignment. :thumbsup:

I think you'll have a rough time straightening out the frame. You will probably have better luck having it cut apart and re-welded.

I know some guys at a place called Denver Mill and Lathe that ride and might be able to help you, the one guy is a fantastic welder. One of the guys here on TT with screen name HOTLER works also there. They are right North of the old Fay Myers shop off of Maple Street.

Ask for Russ or Jamie and tell them that John sent you and they should be able to tell you if it's repairable.

Denver Mill and Lathe


Sorry to hear about your buddy. Where were you guys? Rampart?

Hey VMax, We were riding down at Woodland Park. We actually had a great day and were heading back for brews. Just happens so quick! Hey Thanks for all the info. That's really great. I'll pass it along and hope for the best. :awww:

Peace :thumbsup:

That had to be an ugly crash! Hope your buddy gets well soon. You may post something in the For Sale forum and see if someone is parting out a bike.

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