My next 03' bike is going to be my first KTM after hearing this. If the other manufactures do not join in with the fight or get involved as much as KTM is then that's one less brand I will consider buying. "RIDE ORANGE",where can I find these stickers at?


Hell Yeah! I can feel orange blood begining to flow thru my veins. Maybe this fall? KTM450(with a five or six speed, not 4)

Originally posted by MANIAC998:

Hell Yeah! I can feel orange blood begining to flow thru my veins. Maybe this fall? KTM450(with a five or six speed, not 4)

I definitely applaud KTM, that's freaking awesome of them! However, I just *can't* go orange...

Hehe, the 4-speeder stroker from Yamaha...you either love it or hate it, no middle ground! :):D

That's totally cool, something to consider when it's time for a new bike - support the ones who support us.

Maybee the others will follow? I dont think eco-nazis can fight a battle against KTM, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki.

It would be great if the manufacturers would help stand up for the desires of their customers. I wonder if most motorcyclists are interested in taking the time to stand up for their passion or is too easy to just go ride! If there are no large areas ie. public lands to ride they sell less bikes. This country is about buying the right to do something. Politicians are expensive, take one to dinner, or on a trip. LOL. :)

I work for a "major" airline and have learned one thing about BIG business in the last 15 yrs.

Over those years I have seen 1 airline do something brave and take a gamble and soon thereafter the next and then ALL will follow once they see support and more BRAND loyalty from the KTM owners and support from other brands. They just need a little reassurance from the hand that feeds them.

Airlines proved this a couple of months ago by pulling the remainder of commisions they were still giving travel agencies. Once DL and UA did it then the rest of the industry followed suit.

Hopefully in the next yr we will see the invasion of the Japanese marketers doing the same thing as the Katooomas!(jersey accent!)! :)

Cross your finners!

I still cant find any beauty in the Orange though. It doesn't go well with my complection or my gear! :D

Your complection, that's funny. Let me guess, your the guy with the big, jacked up 4-door truck, all clean and color coordinated with matching gear and a cute blond girlfriend. You sit on your tailgate all day watching other people ride and making fun of them, that's you right? Hey, Ive seen you. If I would've known it was you I would've stopped by and said high. Just kidding (I hope). Peace out.


When I go riding I take my bike out to RIDE not to WORK on it!! :)

I have 2 friends w/520's and BOTH have to work on them a lot!

The first day my one friend got his mxc......we went riding and smelled gas the whole way to the DEZ but we were driving a Powerstroke!

Unload his bike and it is leaking gas> :D

We though cuz the cap was loose. NOPE

Then we looked at the opening under the cap.

It looked like my 4yr old got a hold of a hobby knife! :D

Thought that was it but it still leaked.

Took off the tank and it had a crack in where the thing fastens w/bolt to the center frame. BRAND NEW! Had not even been started yet! we went riding anyway after JB welding it KINDA.

He took it back and they ordered a new tank but it is on back order STILL! Oh well.......its only been 3 1/2 months and the tank looks like it belongs on a 1984 KTM!

Also , his shifter lever came loose that day and still will not tighten down! ???rattles loose and unable to keep tight. It is the splines that are loose not the bolt.

My OTHER friend who is admitadly HARD on bikes,(finished 3rd inthe Cherry Creek Ntl' on a CRF)

was racing the WORCS series in Price Ut a couple of wks ago and b4 the end of the first 10 mile loop had started inthe 2nd row adn had passed all of them and all but 2 of the row 1 starters that had a 1 min headstart on him. I think it was Russ Pearson and Jeff Willow. (BITD top dog and willow is an awesome Arena crosser) The clutch came apart on that TOOOMA!

3rd ride!

Those are my excuses to stay away from orange!


then my friend Dustin had a 2000 380 that he discovered a crack (vertical) in his swingarm. Not near any welds! :D

I'm with you guys, way to go KTM. If I wasn't so poor and loyal to my blue bike, I'd be for finding a 520 about now. As it is tho, I'm scrounging for $ to fix my damn truck (don't ever buy a Ford :) ).

if we want japanese companys to join in fight people have to stop putting downpayment on new bikes 3 months before there released.why should yamaha waste time and money fighting greenies when they are selling more bikes than ever.it dealers showrooms were still full of yz450's a month after arriving i guaratee yamaha would be willing to get invovled with offroad issues in U.S.

That's the kind of commitment I'm looking for from my bike manufacturer. The next bike I purchase will be a KTM[PERIOD] !!!!!!!!!

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