cooling fluid draining, why


I just bought a MY00 426 and have driven it just a few short turns approx 10 min.

Now to the question, it is draining pretty much cooling fluid from the front transparent drain tube. I have not checked the cooling level. Can it be due to a problem with the cooling system or is it just normal?

Thanks!! :thumbsup:


If you fill it to the top when it's cool, then it's normal to loose a little bit while it warms up. But once it has lost a little, it should not loose any more. It's normal for the coolant to be down about 1/2" in the radiator after it cools off. Are you loosing it constantly? If so, are you riding very slow, such as in eastern trails where it's 1st gear only? If that is the case then you may just be over heating.

I had the same issue with my 00 426 (first Thumper)and was really suprised how hot they ran. I let it idle for about a minute to warm up and it's puking fluid everywhere....Changed to Engine Ice, and now I have no problems with coolant.....just fill it to the top, and it'll spit out what it dosen't need....

Engine Ice IS "THE" coolant. I have never had any issues with it with riding either woods, tight trails, or open desert. USE IT! :thumbsup::awww:

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