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Unknown Wiring / Device

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Hey Riders,

I picked up a used, 2012 DRZ 400s.   I love this bike.  The previous owner set it up for trails, which was cool because it had many accessories, skit plate, aggressive tires, bark busters, etc.   But it seems like the maintenance was a bit of a hack job.   There were live, exposed wired under the seat, the chain was beyond loose and clanking, non matching allen screws etc. for parts, etc.      That gives you a general context for my question. 

So I found this wire wrap + switch? up near the computer/dash   the wiring sheath looks factory but I have no clue what this is.  I have a Clymer manual that does say much/no pics.  I thought I would reach out to fellow DRZ owners to see if you know what this is, does it come from factory or some lost accessory?       

All the the signals, horn, brake lights seem to work.    


Any help you can give would be appreciated.  Ride on.






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I had one bust on me so I removed it.  From memory that switch connects to two bullet connectors behind the headlight.  You can unplug the bullet connectors from the clutch switch wiring at that location and plug them into one another.  This should let you remove this part of the loom and switch.

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3 hours ago, PacoPaez said:

Not only for trail riding that thing (css) can leave you stranded if you dont know why your bike will not start even riding on road. ask me how I know.

YUP ,, Been there also ,, Thanks that I am into my electricals and kind of figured it out in a few minutes


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