Jet-Hott coated pipes

I was wondering if anyone has had their header or mid-pipes jet-hott coated before. I used to race shifter karts prior to purchasing my '99 YZ400 and had all my pipes ceramic coated for cooler exhaust temps as well as a cleaner looking pipe. Just wondering if anyone has had any results [good or bad] with this process. I have an E-series high-boy header and mid-pipe that I'm considering getting coated.



i know there is a few people here that had their Thunder Alley pipes coated. They should be able to help you.

I would use Embee Performance coatings . Ask For Jeff Conrad . He quoted me about $50.00 less than JetHott and promised me about 3 days less turnaround time .

Call Bruce at Embee. He did mine. Turned out great and it work good to.

Embee Plating and Powder coating


It was $110 bucks for the entire system. They'll do a frame for 150.

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