Stupid Question About Where To Oil Fill

Ok couldn't seem to find this in the owners manual. I have all the old oil drained out and ready to put fresh in. Just not quite sure where? Do you put the new oil in at the frame or at the motor? Also the manual said 1.27 quarts. How much is .27?

Fill the oil through the crank case filler hole!!

I tried to fill some oil through the frame, and the rest in the crankcase, but then when I started the engine, oil overflowed out the frame dipstick hole. I drained it all, and filled only through the crank and its all good now. Only use the frame hole to check the oil level. Thats what it says in my owners manual. 1.27qt is a little more than 1-1/4 qts.

section "INSP/ADJ",

"engine oil replacement".

3. Remove:....Oil filler cap......

9. Fill: .Crankcase

i don't mean to be a butthead, but it is in there.

don't put in 1.27 quarts unless you do a rebuild. you'll over fill. the manual says 1.16 with filter replacement. it's hard to tell how much we drain some times. put in a quart and go through the checking procedure. warm up the engine........ check the level and add if needed.

great thanks guys for the info. I'll start off will only adding a quart of oil like you mentioned. Then I'll check the dipstick and will add more if needed. Thanks again :thumbsup:

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