WR f*rts then dies!!

I'm going nuts....my bike runs very sweetly with my JD jetting and new carb slide which fixed my hanging revs, but I cant get the pig going anymore.

Last time I tried to take her out, she spat out a few loud farts on the second kick then died and I can NOT get her going again. I am sick and tired of taking the darn tank off to look at a spark plug which appears a little sooty, but no big deal and gives off a nice big spark.

Leaving overnight did nothing to improve the situation nor my temper. Its a good job the garage is far from the house or my littl'uns would be learning some stuff they could shock their teachers with. :awww::lol:

Has anyone had this problem and any suggestions to remedy.

I have been starting 99% first/second/third kick for most of the time but now am stumped. :thumbsup:

Jetting is as per stock with following adjustments 45 PJ, JD red needle clip 3, 168 main. I run with a relatively restricted CRD pipe and powerbomb

Do your valve clearances need to be checked? If you have alot of hours on your bike, (50-60) they could be out of spec. Then it would be difficult to start.

if your compreshion is good i would try a new plug. it should not look sooty at all. I have seen fould plugs that didn't look it many times before. An intake valve that is to tite would make it imposible to start as well. but buy a new plug and try that first.

I would also check the air filter. If it's clogged, it could cause the same thing. I had to help a CR450 owner start his bike because of a clogged filter. Being that it was rich, I pulled the hot start out (trying to lean out the mixture) and it fired right up. May want to look at the filter....

What about your idle adjustment knob?

Turn that thing up so you will have a high-revver.

Once it is running, dial it back down to an acceptable RPM.

First time I changed out a slide plate, I somehow turned that thing down, and it simply was not open enough to start. Once I figured that out, dialed it up higher, it started right up, and I then brought it back down to where it needed to be.

Hope that is it, because that is easy.


Good luck.

Also make sure to check your fuel flow. I had a clogged petcock that caused me to chase the wrong problem for a week.

Near impossible to start, lots of back fires, coal black wet plug and, oh yea, a near broke ankle (felt like that to me) a couple of times.

After much frustration I used some starting fluid to start my bike ran for a second or two and die. I pulled off the bowl nut and no fuel!!

Traced the problem to the petcock. Cleared the line and no more problem. I recently bought the bike used so I don't have any idea what caused the problem.

Thanks for th input fellas.

I pulled the tank & shrouds for the n'th time last night:

- plug, sooty and wet looking....guessing it was fouled but I presume its wet with gas, so whats with the fouling ? maybe I dont understand what a fouled plug is...put an old 'dry' one in...

- I could have sworn I had swapped out the start jet, but couldnt find the original amongst all the other (8x) main air jets I have (they look identical). Finally found the sucker and put back the stock 85 from the 60 I had put in there.

....started with my sandals on 3'rd kick :thumbsup:.....I'm thinking new plug


- will adjust idle...good suggestion :lol:

- will check the petcock I looked in my tank with a flashlight the other day and saw what looked like lots of flakes of metal ??!! :awww:

- valves checked a little while ago...ok...

- air filter.... went through that one this winter....3 months riding in dust, no cleaning and cold weather doesnt make ole blue a happy lady!!:lol:

thanks for all the suggestions...

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