WR400 F-Wheel bearings

OK, so I went out riding this weekend and during the day I noticed a little wobble in the steering column. I assume this is due to head nut being loose and maybe even bearings dry. I get home and start looking into it and also find that my front tire has a little wobble to it and as I'm inspecting this it appears to me that there is too much play in the axle bearings. The bike has only about 3000 miles or so on it so I am wondering why would these be worn out so soon? Has anyone else had to replace these so quickly or is this unusual? Also, I am wondering if I can pull these bearings with a standard bearing puller like something you would use for a car? Any input would be great, thanks my TT buds!

I had to replace the front bearings about a month ago on my '99 WR400 and found it surprisingly easy. I'd never done it before but the manual was easy to follow. I used what I'm assuming was a standard bearing puller. I'm sure others here will have better details for you, I'm still a novice at this.

I bought my wr426 brand new in october 2002. In november I decided to inspect and grease the bike as it was suggested in TT. I found my top steering head bearing rusted and a the rest of all the bearings almost dry. It was brand new. :awww:

I replaced the top bearing, installed a grease zerk in the steering head tube. And I relubed everything. It's a must :thumbsup:.

I just ordered new front wheel bearing as mine are toast. My odo has been gone for about a year and I just zip tied a piece of plastic over the hole, but that didnt keep the dirt and water out apparently. So I also ordered the YZ spacer to replace the stock WR odo spacer. I havent checked my head set yet, Sylvain, how hard was it to install zerk fittings? I should do that while Im at it.

While you're at it...go through the rear suspension and grease and check all bearings there too. :thumbsup:

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