Radiator Compatibility???


My 98 WR400F suprised me yesterday with a leaking throttle-side radiator after I gave it a bath (how unthoughtful). I still have more diagnosis to do in order to make sure that it is indeed leaking from the radiator and not a hose, but the inital impression is that it is leaking from the radiator. After cleaning my 'drawers from the sticker shock of the OEM replacement ($312!), I figured I would begin looking on the used market. Question is: Does the 98 WR share radiators with other models? It looks like the YZ/WR radiators have remained unchanged up to the current models. Does anyone know this for a fact? What about other Yamahas like the 250's? This would increase the odds of me finding a used one. Thanks in advance for any input.

I know, I know - A set of Devols (or something comparable) is in the near future... :awww::lol::thumbsup:

www.yamaha-motor.com has parts fitch and you can check part numbers in sifferent years and models to see if the differ...

The thing that you really need to look at is how the radiator shrouds connect to the radiator.

I think the 2001 models changed, but I am not positive when it happened.

I have a '98 WR, and I saw some radiators come up for sale, and I did not do my research, and the radiators that I bought do not work for me.

Yes, they bolt up to the bike, and all the hoses match up to, but the shrouds are mounted at a 45 degree angle (on the radiators that I bought) and my shrouds ('98) mount up flat.

If I bought a new style of shrouds, they would work (but, then I would also have to get a new set of radiator guards) but, as it is, they sit in the garage.....

You are smart for doing your homework.

Good luck!


Thanks for the feedback guys. My local radiator repair shop will repair mine, but they don't specialize in motorcycle radiator repair like the place in mention. I also noticed while browsing through the yamaha parts catalogs that the shrouds begin to mount differently at some point... :thumbsup::awww::lol:


You are right about the shroud mounts... My radiator has brackets that are 90 degrees from the actual radiator. I looked at a set on eBay from a 2001 YZ426, and the shroud mounts come off at about at 45 degree angle. Thanks for the heads up! I don't know when they changed the rads, but I would have been in the same boat as you... :thumbsup:

Glad I could help, Bro!


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