bad ti footpeg casting

I got t-boned this weekend and my footpeg broke off. You can tell from the color of the metal that there was a casting flaw in the footpeg. Anyone else have a problem with this? Whats the chance of getting it replaced by yamaha?

If its your 04 alot of people have had this problem. Nothing you can do but buy some fastways.

Replacement is 150$. I will go with aftermarket. If anyone needs a good left TI footpeg send me a PM. It's the same footpeg on the fourstrokes and twostrokes.

i have not had a proplem wiht my Ti foot pegs on my 04 yz 250f.. ...knock on wood...

I have a right footpeg off my 2004 YZ450F that I will sell you for $40 if you want it.

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