Can I get some opinios on tires? I am looking for front and rear, the track conditions are deep loam in the morning and deep hard ruts in the afternoon, the ruts are a hard clay bottom! :thumbsup:

Dunlop 756 front and rear. Hook up great in many different terrains.

You will get a wide variety of responses, from s12's to the 756's. I think it boils down to brand preference :thumbsup:

Do a search on tires as well, you will find a bucnh of info

I have had great success with the Maxxis IT's. They hook up well are inexpensive and wear like iron. I ride alot of enduro and some MX. They have performed well in both situations.


come on guys I need some real world info!

I have become a big fan of the 742/756 combo.

Have you done a search

this topic has been asked 1000 times. Enough info is there

In my experience the 756 is great until the 3rd ride...they wear out way to fast for me. I go with Michelins specifically for the wear. S12's are soft compound and work well. M12's are longer lasting. I like the Starcross MS2's for this type of terrain. The Maxxis are cheap and last pretty good to.

if you want I have a new set of D739's which are for the terrain you ride in. they are off a 04YZ450 and have never seen the dirt. front is 80/100-21 and rear is 110/90-19. you can have both for $75 if interested email at thanks

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