Replaced steering head bearings last night

The job turned out to be easier than I expected. I used a piece of 3/4" pipe to drive the races out - the lip on the pipe worked better than the long punch I was using, which kept slipping off. The hardest part was getting the bearing off of the steering stem. I heated up the bearing with a propane torch, then just drove it off. To put the new bearing on the stem, I used another piece of pipe that fit the inner race of the bearing. I place the lower triple clamp on the floor (wood) and drove it on ( a press would have been easier but I don't have one). Note that if you buy new bearings, Yamaha has changed the upper bearing part #. The new bearing has a seal on it to help keep the water out, which toasted my original upper bearing.

It sounds like your races came out a hell of a lot easier than mine. I tried to remove them the exact way you got your out, and it was no-way deal. The piece of pipe I was using kept shearing off the edge of the pipe. I only had maybe a 1/2 a mm to drive the race out of the frame with. After buying a 14" super hard punch, and driving it with an 8lb hammer, I finally got the races out of the frame. Huge pain in the arse. When I did this on my Honda, it only took 10 minutes. My Yamaha, 6 flippin hours.

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