Fork Gold Valve Installation--Instruction Clarification

For those that are contemplating or attempting a Gold Valve install, here are a few things that could prevent you from having to take your forks apart again as the instructions that come with the valves are very generic, apply to multiple bikes and are lacking:

(2002 426 Gold Valve 2830 kit)

1. The 2 gold spacers are for the Base valve if necessary to get the stack height right for the nut to be properly retained--not mentioned in the instructions. You can use your existing spacers or the ones provided in the kit. However, you must use the stock base plate to cover all of the ports of the base valve!

2. On this year and model, you do not have a cylinder seal, however, it is recommended to convert the mid valve within the cartridge. One item that is omitted is that the "new" check valve plate that is mentioned is a .03x27 shim that is included in the kit. The key here is to use one that will go over the sleeve well and cover the ports of the rebound piston.

3. The 2 springs that are included in the kit are for the mid valve, NOT the base valve, although the stock spring in the base valve and the ones that come in the kit look identical. Additionally, these springs differ from the shape that comes stock--adding to the confusion.

Other than that, the install is pretty cool. Be careful with the cartridge tear down as the directions state, it is pretty nerve racking drilling into your cartridge housing!

good tips!

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