hard to move kickstarter, lil help?

I just fixed this last night. There is rubber o-ring between the kick start lever and the splined part that goes on the kick start shaft. When lubed it was better but then I noticed the o-ring was broke. Went to plumbing section in the local hardware store and got an o-ring for $.28. Took it apart cleaned and grease everything with Marine waterproof grease, replaced o-ring. Works nice now. I wonder what Yamaha charges for that o-ring

There is a large screw you will need to remove then you will be able to pull of the kick starter from the shaft, then remove the ball bearing and spring and oring. Clean everything and regrease and reassemble.

No need to remove the bolt that holds the shaft to the engine...nothing to maintain there.

Worked for my bike.

hahahaha! called my buddies at the local yamaha dealer......$3.71 :)

when moving my kickstarter out, it is REALLY hard to move out, you gotta force it out there. and also when putting it back, you have to use some extreme force to get it back. our other 426 comes out just nice and smooth and goes back in fine, im thinking it needs some grease/lube right??? well can someone give me some insight on how to lube the kickstarter please?

My bike does the samething! Just spray some W-D 40 on the bottom and it will be good to go. I have to spray mine about every two weeks. :)

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