WR timing a YZ...

whats happening gentlemen, i posted a question over on the YZ board and no one there really changes cam timing. i thought you guys would be the experts.

im converting my YZ426 to a WR. but it still hits like a yz. im using the low mid all the time, mostly trails. i want smooth power with more low end.

how is a wr's cams timed compared to a yz? and how do i change stock 00 YZ cam timing to a WR spec? (without buying a cam)

thanks guys :thumbsup:

Go Here MotoMan393

You should be able to do the reverse of what the instructions say to do to change to WR timing. I changed my WR to YZ timing for more hit and like it better than the WR timing. Either way, it's free so you can change back if you don't like it. :thumbsup:

Noticable difference. I had YZ timing for a month and went back to WR timing. It works better for my riding style. I dont rev the engine and lug it around even when going fast. You get way more bottom end and a milder midrange and a little less up top. I short shift and manage to go plenty fast. You can only get so much power down to the ground effectively. Wheelspin does not always equate to going faster. :thumbsup: You should consider buying a WR450 cam for auto decomp feature. There must be many available since many of the WR450 owners have switched to YZ450 cams. They do work on the 426 machine.

Hey Dan,

Are you still planning on coming out here soon? Let me know a couple weeks ahead of time.

Hi Jon, I was supposed to come out this weekend. Work rescheduled everything. I am going to come out June 26th thru July 4th to ride and back out in July 17 thru the 25th for kayaking the Colorado and Arkansas rivers. PM me with some days you can ride. Like to hook up with you again. :thumbsup:

I agree with INDY. The YZ timing is fun on the track especially with a Magura clutch, but the WR is better in the woods for sure. My WR explodes off the bottom with WR timing. I'm running YZ timing this weekend up in NH on the national 2 day but I'll be wishing I took the time to change it to WR before I left. Problem is I am going to Moto the following week and am 2 lazy to change it back and forth.

got the bike fired up with th WR timing, no problems. took it for a ride and i love it. i always knew my YZ was a little sleepy of the bottom and bogged more than it should. now the bike does explode off the bottom with mad torque, it feels like a crf450. :awww: which is what i was aiming for.

perfect mod for my riding style. :thumbsup:

I am glad you like the WR timing. It is worth trying to see which riding style you prefer with the engine power delivery. WR timing is my preference even in wide open desert terrain. The key for the WR is good jetting, modifyed air box & filter and high flow exhaust. :thumbsup:

Riding with that big bang off the bottom is big fun.

Makes wheelies easier too. Big hit off the bottom and smooth power to the top.

The only place you miss it is on the moto track where you can rev/clutch and seat bounce launch off jump faces, like a rocket launcher

What we really need an an adjustable cam sprocket that can be changed from outside the motor!!!

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