Magura Hydr on ´01 YZ426 - Pics anyone???

I bought a Magura hydralic clutch that hasn´t been used more than once..

Does anyone have a piture of on a YZ426?? I would like to see how it is installed.. I can´t figure out how to mount it on the clutch arm.. Maybe something i missing.. :thumbsup:

There should be a silver peice that goes onto the little do-dad on the end of the cable. I nearly lost mine at the shop when I got the box. The attachment was still in the big box it came in.

I've got it on mine. The install was pretty easy. PM me and I'll email you some pics if you want. :thumbsup:

I got the little silver thing that goes on the end, but it looks to small... On the original cable its a small cylinder, but on the Magura its a small round thing..

Right, there is another peice that clips over that peice. It's a cylinder just like in the cable. Your apparently missing yours.

If I recall you have to cut a small piece out of the clutch arm in order to hook the magura slave cyl rod to the YZ clutch arm. I believe the instructions are on Magura's web site in PDF format. Call them or or something like that.

Once it is installed you will not believe the difference. I went to YZ timing so I use the clutch a lot now. Without the Magura, I'd switch back to WR timing for sure.

Good luck

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