z-start owners?

after an extensive search, nobody makes a heavier flywheel or weights for the 450 ( it's very different than the yz,even different crank taper)closest i came was a set of plans from chuck steahly! so to curb my stalling issues i'm considering the z-start now i've researched it about as much as i can and understand it but i have a ? with the perch mount adjuster(supposedly gives full use of the clutch by overriding the z-start)can you adjust it to below idle as to regain total control when needed? and if this is so if adjusted to between idle and stall speed would that stop my problem(or at least lessen it)and still allow the clutch to be used conventionaly?

An auto-clutch will definitely help (if not completely resolve) your stalling issues. Retaining the clutch lever will disengage the auto-clutch just like it would with a normal clutch. You will need to learn to ride the bike a bit differently with the auto-clutch installed.

Everyone stalls bikes now and again. Maybe you just need to change your riding style a bit? :thumbsup::awww:

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