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DRZ Swingarm - Installing, grease nipples or Zerk fittings - How to

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How to install Zerks (grease nipples) into the later model 400E swingarms.

I am installing a  2007 new-old-stock swingarm on to my 2004 green DRZ but would lose 3 of the 5 factory Zerks.  By copying the grease gallery locations on the old swingarm it can be done. Greasing won't stop the shafts from seizing but it will certainly keep the needle bearings free from dirt / moisture / corrosion. 

Naturally this would be better if performed without the bearings installed as it would save a lot of cleaning afterwards.

Centre bearing gallery location is on the circular boss - see punch mark 



Outer bearing gallery location is on the  semi-circular boss. 1 on top & 1 below





The swingarm needs to be level when drilling the centre bearing gallery. Even though the casting is mostly hollow there is a web all the way through where the gallery goes. From the sound it makes when tapping on it, it is not that much larger than the hole size. Drill 5.2 mm for the Suzuki M6 x 0.75 fittings. The gallery is 75mm long, and taking care, can just be accomplished without a long series drill bit. 

The outer galleries are a walk in the park.

The swingarm needs to be level for drilling the centre bearing gallery!



If you get it right the drill will exit between the 2 needle races.






OEM Zerk orientation






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