Best Pipe

OK Everyone...Here is your chance to speak your piece.

What exhaust system should I install on my '00 WR400?

I want it to be quieter than original pipe without the baffle (current system) and I want a spark arrestor. Please use your experience to comment.



I don't want to spoil the fun of replying but as per the important notes over to your left:

"Before posting a question, go to the Archive and search through thousands of previous postings to see if your question has already been addressed"

I can gaurantee that your question would be answered if you do a search first. If not, then by all means your question still stands :)

what you need is a pipe developed by a manufacturer you can trust that you know put thousands of £'s & hundreds of hours into it's technology which it has already got decades of experience at.

the answer you come up with is the Yamaha canadian/european silencer!

i did an enduro last year & the only four-strokes that passed the DB test were the standard WR's.

yup! at 92db THE STANDARD yamaha silencer! i thought it was loud until i put on my stroker tailpipe & took it off again straight away. quiet? not!!!

to be honest at 40 i find a loud pipe takes all the fun out of my riding. i can't green lane without wishing scotty could 'beam me up'!

try & bump into someone who is running the canadian pipe for a direct comparison. without a doubt the USA pipe is more restrictive which balances the restricted stroke of the carb.


............or Taffy can answer your question!

Hey anyone got a Yamaha Part # for the Canook pipe? Cost? Any of my brothers from the great white north want to ditch one of these let me know. You can run any pipe you want up there any way, loud pipes help scare the bears off the trail :) .

Jason, I have seen some of our Canadian couterparts ditching theirs due to the non-removable baffle.

Maybe some sort of swaparoo deal in the making...???


'99 WZ with ALL YZ mods, de-octopused, DSP Doug Henry airbox w/ velocity stack, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, forked over by Pro-Action (and then fixed by me), OEM YZ tank, IMS YZ seat, carb mods by Jim Dean, Andy in OZ, & Sir "Taffy" from Jolly Old England, AMA, NESC.

Also, don't forget the spark arrestor. Quiet is good, S/A is manditory. :)

Jerry,I have a stock Canadian pipe that I would be willing to part with.Will sell outright or trade for U.S. stocker or whatever(I need a used oversized tank for a YZ490)It is quiet but does not perform anything like the E-Series that is on my bike now,and as Paul mentioned,does not have a spark arrestor.

lads i was asking a question!

i gave an idea!

about the only people that can connect a US pipe with the rest of the world are the canadians.

nobody said that it wasn't restrictive!!!!

what i said was that the DB's were low INTELLEGENTLY. i know that 92db will rob you of power but you'll never get it done for a smaller lose.

just look at that standard YZ pipe. unbelievable! nobody can get near it!

yamaha know what they're doing.

what we need here is an intelligent back-to-back between standard USA, Canook & aftermarket.

calm down, nothing is written in the scriptures!

it just seems a jolly good thing play with, ok chaps!

good will hunting.



You can't even spoke proper england soon.

Taffy, I will be staying in West Horsley in January for about a week. Any chance in cruising over your way to check out your ride? Let me know, thanks, Paul

Okay, gotta say it. CANUCK. Thank you. Elvis has left the building.

Yhea I have a stock WR setup. I still have not ridden it with out the baffel cause I have yet to get it anywhere that I can wind it up, but Ill try it this weekend. I would consider a trade or low price sale for a canadian pipe. I do like the ideal of being able to put the baffel in and go in super stealth mode though. Hey, has anyone actually ever seen a spark come out of one of these things? I rode a KLR 250 and a KL 250 for years with no muffler at all and never saw a spark. I know the USFA gets all huffy but is it even an issue?

The powercore IV-2 'Q' is now available here in the UK (was used at fast Eddy) I haven't tried it but apparently it puts out 2hp (peak) less than YZ426 pipe and sound tests at 93dbls...

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Hey what sort of db do you get from a 2 smoke 250 with an FMF anyway? I know 90% of the Harleys on the road cant come close to the the WR with no pipe at all. Maybe if we all grew big beer guts, scruffy beards and wore leather people would get scared and leave us alone.


I think JasonJ just came up with the answer to the "How Loud is Loud" thread. It took awhile but I knew someone would come up with an idea. Start pounding those beers guys!

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I run a Canadian pipe but I recently purchased a US pipe so I can experiment since I have a buddy with a machine shop - we're going to make some inserts. I put the US pipe on when I first got it and I couldnt believe how restrictive and quiet it was. Seemed like I couldn't even hear the bike all I could hear was carb air intake. I took the baffle out and found the noise deafening when the throttle was cracked and can't picture myself riding thru the neighbourhood that way. So I started appreciating the Canadian pipe more. After about 2000 km's it seems much louder. Maybe it has packing in it that has blown out. I don't have the manual in front of me but it does say to "replace" the pipe after a certain interval. I do intend to get the US pipe back on with a custom baffle in a few weeks.


00WR400, BD Dual Sport Kit, Airbox lid removed, UFO Dakar Hand Guards, Panoram Computer, Ottawa, Canada

great lads. really good to see bill has had some valid tests.

sorry about the canadian spelling. we really do meet so few canadians that i had no idea how you spelt it. where does the saying come from anyway?

paul, i'd be delighted to meet you next january. i see that you'll be south of london at Guildford so we would be about 100 miles & 2-3 hours apart. i get very busy up to mid january & then it settles so you'll have to call me when you get nearer the time.


Whadda ya mean IF we all grew big beer guts and scruffy beards? :)

Thanks Taffy. Look forward to it. Paul

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