DethWshBkrs Hawaii Story!

OK, first off - I will start by saying TC is awesome. Him and P5 are both great guys, and as riders, I give them all the respect in the world at this point!!

I've ridden with a few people back here, and before I stopped racing last year, I was an expert caliber hare scramble racer, and can hold my own on pretty much any MX track.

Well - I felt like a raw newbie on those trails.

Yeah, the bike was different, heavy, and underpowered compared to my 520. Yeah, I hadn't ridden in a month. Yeah, it was my Honeymoon and I didn't want to die.

Screw that. Those trails were the slickest, nastiest, most unbelievable thing I've ever ridden. Maybe a true absolute complete hardcore AA class racer could do OK. MAYBE. That stuff was tough!! And they kept telling me it got worse!!!!


These guys don't ride their bikes, they walk them! They don't try to get through the stuff fast, they just try to get through it!!! I have never man-handled a bike so much.

IT took a totally different riding style too. You coulnd't just gas it and go like out really needed to use your feet and legs and help the bike along!!


What TC doesn't show here is that the trail dropped about 10 feet at a 45 degree angle through a turn and a rock just before this shot, and that right after it, the "trail" goes around a huge boulder and you smack the bike agaist it to make the turn up a steep, slippy hill with roots...

Sick men these guys are.


You CANNOT have your legs NEAR the stinking pegs here!!! THe bike got stuck on me three times as the PEGS just DIG into the earth on BOTH SIDES. I could not for the life of me make it through this 2 foot wide CHASM which is up a nice hill, AND through a fairly sharp turn!!.



I am terrified of heights. I am also terrified of being near an edge. Couple this with slick dirt, invisible trails, roots and rocks, and off camber, and I had fear all over my face. This sucker drops off for quite a while!!

All TC would say to me is "Well, you wouldn't die". Yeah, sure. I won't take your word for that!!! Plus, dang, I don't wanna have to buy a new bike for you when it gets stuck at the bottom.

By the way - these guys carry MACHETTES on their bikes!!!!!!!!!! &%$#@! is that!??!?!?!?!?! TC said it was in case you fell into the woods, you could cut your way out. Sick.


I think I actually made it up this one. Luck still plays a part somewhere!


Yeah, this one sucked. I was all proud of myself for finding a new line, when all the sudden I see a drop off and a water hole. :lol:


This is a forced smile. :mad: I was dying. This was after only 25 miles or so.


I figured I'd enjoy this, as I've done MX races on the beach at Wildwood NJ.


Little did I find out that Hawaii's sand is very deep and very soft..... :lol:


This was insane too. Pretty much the ONLY way to make it up this section was to Ghost ride it. I was NOT willing to do that to his bike.

They told me they have areas of that place that, the only way to do a section, is, to Ghost ride it, crawl up , pick the bike up, and go.



Let's see.... this turned my stomach. This hill goes up at about a 30 degree angle at the start, increasing to a 50-60 degree angle for a few short stints just to make it interesting (as if it wasn't already). What you DON'T see, is that you have about a 2 foot ledge on the left of the "line" (AKA, the chasm you are supposed to ride through), and if you tip over to the left, you WILL fall down, down, down, down ,down, into the murky innards of Oahu. All TC said again was "Well, you wouln't die". The machettes are also used in a ritual suicide for those people who find themselves in the murky underworld of Oahu. Rather than TRY to get out, you should slowly slice through your achilles tendon, then proceed to stab yourself 10 times. THis will be less agonizing than trying to get out.

I was NOT willing to risk going off to the left, so, when I hit where P5 is in that shot, when the front wheel came way up, I bailed to the right, to avoid a possible fall to the left. Well, I skidded on my face, about 30 feet down the hill, and the bike laid upside down on the second chasm. THis was 10 minutes of tugging.....


I then proceeded to take the choadiest, ugliest line, over nasty rocks and all, because it provided a clearance if I tipped over. I wouldn't slide down the hill into the guts of the island. ;)



Notice I am WAYYYYY on the back of the seat??? The hill was so steep, since you HAD to keep your feet off the pegg...I COULDN"T stay forward enough!! I need a major arm workout to learn to tug my body back up front.

These guys have earned a place in my book as the hardcore of the hardcore. As I said, I consider myself a pretty good rider - but I felt like a goon. I have never EVER been so utterly out of my league EVER.

I almost cried a few times I believe.

ANyone who thinks Hawaii is a fun place to ride - think again!!

Seriously - it was a blast. It was brutal, and I was proved seriously inferior, but after the day was done, I really, really had a great time.

I KNOW I missed some stuff, so I will adendum this post as needed!!

I can't wait to get my 520 out and get on some easy stuff now.


I've got a few more pics....I'll have to post some of them - they show a little better kind of me that is actually on two wheels!! :lol:


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