More '03 YZF details...

I just picked up a copy of Cycle News, and noted a few things I haven't seen mentioned before...

-Ignition coil integrated with spark plug cap

-CDI rotor and boss are unified

-Oil lines are made from aluminum (were steel)

-Oil plug is lower in frame (capacity 1200cc, was 1700cc)

-Cylinder body has a cutaway at bottom to decrease pumping loss.

-Oil filter is now paper instead of steel

-Clutch is damped by 8 rubber pads instead of coil springs (maybe only 450?)

-Front brake calipers have aluminum pistons (instead of plastic)

I think you meant the brake pistons were steel. Not plastic. (They wouldn't last too long if they were)

does that mean there are no clutch springs???

also, the stock oil filter on my 02, is paper.. isn't it??

No, it doesn't mean there are no clutch springs. There are springs on the back of the basket/gear that are intended to absorb shock. I've had the basket off a few times, but couldn't really see how they absorbed shock, since the basket is riveted directly to the gear. The rubber bumpers will replace these springs, not the clutch springs.

All the YZF's (from 98 to 02) use wire mesh oil filters. When they're coated with oil, it's easy to mistake them as paper (until you look close). The '03's will be paper.

Finally, I believe the YZ's went to plastic pistons in the front caliper, but I'm not sure which year. Can someone verify this? Plastic pistons in the rear caliper would not have been a good idea, because there's substantially more heat build up in the rear brake (especially with heavy footed brake draggers like myself). Anyway, the plastic to aluminum('03) front brake pistons is a direct quote from the article.

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