Knee Pads?


Yesterday at the track I had a "get off" coming out of rut. I high sided and when I left the bike my right knee hit the pad on my Pro Tapers. My knee put a hole through the pad material, the pad shell and my Thor pants. It left a 1.5 inch gash in my knee cap. End result is 3 hours in the hospital and 5 stitches in my knee. At 30 years old I want to stop stuff like this from happening. What kind of knee pads are you guys using? I don't want to spend $300 bucks for a set. However I want some protection now. I though running in the sand I would be safe. I guess not!

BTW.. picking up my new 04 450 tomorrow!


here is some advice. time to put the skirt away and stop riding.

Hmmmm Raptor is in his name... sounds like a quad rider to me...

Go get some AXO TKP's or Thor Force pads. Dont ride without them. You'll screw your knee up bad.

Go to the local skate shop and check out the roller blade type pads. I've got a set that cover my entire knee with a big plastic cup with lots of pad underneith and they stay put. I think they were under $30. There is no shin pad so I'm unprotected between the knee pads a top of my boots, that's the only down side. And yes I have boinked my shin with the foot peg right in that space, but otherwise they are great.

Sounds like you were not using any knee pads...So any pad is better than none. I like the Thor & Fox Raptor. Otherwise if you race or ride hard buy some knee braces. They do cost but isn't your knee's worth it?

I use the Fox ones, I believe they are the raptors, and I have never regretted spending the $65 they cost (compared to the 9.99 ones I used to wear). They stay put alot better.

Check around the track try to find some high quality braces would be the best thing for you. I would recommend the EVS Webbs or the Asterisk they both have excellent protection. You can usually find them for around a buck fifty. I had a really bad get off right after I got my Webbs. I know if I didn't have them on my knees would have been roast beef. Even $500 is cheap compared to the medical bills of today. My friend had to have 3 knee surgeries as a result of a crashon a motocross track. He now has medical bills in excess of 10,000. The doc said if he had been wearing knee braces or even pads. The end result would have been nil or greatly reduced. :thumbsup:

might I suggest training wheels???? so you dont hurt yourself

I went with the Standard Fox Pad for $10 bucks. I just could not see spending another $50 for the Raptor ones. I did not have any need pads on at the time.

Raptor Man... dude u have training wheels on that quad of yours...

Fox pivots :thumbsup: The best 40 bucks ive spent! Besides that hooker in...........never mind! :awww:

I have the fox shin/knee pads. I dont know the name, but they were around 20.00 at the shop. Two piece, black plastic exterior and two strech velcro straps. I owe my ability to still walk to these things. Ive had several crashes that I slammed my knees (with the pads on) and I was able to stand up and get back on the bike. Recently I t boned an idiot quad rider that cut in front of me and I ended up wrecking the front end of my bike and smashing both knees (hard!)into the side of the quad. One of the fox pads split from the accident and my knee was sore for a few weeks, but Im convinced that my knees would have been smashed into little tiny pieces if I wasn't wearing the pads.


trust me, spend the money now and get some GOOD QUALITY knee pads or better yet braces. having bad knees for the rest of your life sucks big time and will make the rest of your sporting life a lot less enjoyable let alone your normal day to day life. good pads or braces will give you more confidence on the bike too. i think you'd be a frikkin idiot not too use any knee protection. why spend a [@#$%&*!] load of money on a sic bike and not be able to ride it cos you didn't spend a little bit of money to save your knees. wear protection and ride hard!

Raptor, you havent been around long, learn some etiquette. This forum is actually helpful and flaming is pretty minimal and usually between friends, If you cant give any information shut up and dont post or go back "

might I suggest training wheels???? so you dont hurt yourself

yep this can definitely be interpreted as flaming but I think I see Raptors point:

Do you ride w/o a helmet? No. Eye protection? No.

I can not ride comfortably or confidently w/o a chest protector or even a kidney belt. So if this is Raptors logic for his comment - which it very well may not be - even strong I somewhat agree with him.

I would never ride my bike w/o any knee protection period - unless it was to warm my bike up at my house - in the driveway or yard.

and I guess $10.00 knee pads are better than none. My knees are worth more to me than that.

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