Freekin FedEx

Ordered some goodies from Chaparral Motorsports, which shipped on 6-12-02 (S. Cal). So im waiting and waiting and thankfully it wasnt anything I needed in order to keep the bike runnin, just some grips and spark plug.

Chaparral usually sends my crap UPS which only takes 3 days Max. Well this time they sent it DedEx and gave me no tracking #. So yesterday I cornered my DedEx guy and asked him what the hell was going on, he gave me the standard "ill check into" bull.

So today I call Chaparral and confirmed the shipping date and my adress which was correct, he then gave me a tracking number which I punched into the DedEx web site, and Low and Behold my package which was supposed to go from Southern Cal to Nevada took a little trip to North Carolina then Denver and has now made its way to Salt Lake City, hell I would have taken the trip also if DedEx was paying. Now it seems I may get my package today, cant wait to see what the box looks like. Im thinkin a name change from Federal Express to Pony Express. :D

Ok im done :)

Hmmm, thats a new one on me.

Fed Ex screwed up and Craparral didnt.





p.s. Since your the Unibomber you would think a bashed up package would have found its way back to your house pretty easily. :)



......mabye Tom Hanks has it on an island somewhere?

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That is how FedEx works. If you send a package down the street, it first goes to one of their major hubs/separators. There use to be only one in I thought is was Houston, but it could be Denver. This is the premise of the entire operation. The owner of FedEx presented this idea to his business professor in college as a business project for one of his classes and the professor said that it would never work and was a horrible idea and also gave him a "D" on the project I think. Well who is rich now.

Before I have something shipped to me, I always asked "what are my shipping options"? I'll use Fed Ex anytime before I choose U.P.S.


P........PXXX POOR


Kinda like that little <font color=brown><h3> CRAPPY BROWN</h3>truck..........!!! :)

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Not so in my area, (yet we dont have many options) Our UPS guys are on the ball here, not to say there corporate bosses are, but when I get something shipped UPS, not only can I track it to my front door it never has taken an unexpected tour of duty around the country

OH and guess what???? The damn package has yet to arrive, I may have a BBQ when it shows up, just to celebrate its arrival and completion of a long a** journey. I better order my x-mas gifts now !!! :)

I'd consider yourself lucky to get anything, considering your track record with shipping "things" Ted

God forbid they find out my screen name, which keep in mind I got from Lan Parties and such, years ago. Anyone got any 80's Highway Patrol sunglasses, I got the grey hooded sweatshirt,

Cant bring myself to buy the glasses :D

Where is my package?? if any of you guys see it in passing, give me a yell, there should be a guy on a horse meetin up with another clown on a horse headed West from North Carolina, :)


just curious , why would you order grips and a spark plug from a mail order company and pay shipping charges when you could have bought them from a local dealer in the first place and saved yourself some headaches ? after all what are we talkin here 25 bucks tops . :)

also , i can't think of a single shipping company that has'nt f***ed up once in a while , only seems to happen when you're anxious to receive it . :D

Well, it goes like this, I live many miles from BFE, hell BFE may even have a large cycle shop. Although I have my carb problems figured out, i didnt when I ordered the plug, at which time no one in my area had the plug (cr8ek).

And my local yami dealer is notorious for not calling in orders, not calling me when my stuff arrives etc...

(i promise not to drag this post out any longer, Pain, Pain to much Pain) :D

(little side note, I still havent gotten my mystery package via FedEx) :)

Did I mention I now have a spark plug that is tan or light brown, yeah baby !!!!!, me and the pilot screw had some serious time together, i think its love....... :D

(got that snap of the trottle back also) BOOO Ha Ha

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