CA dmv legal hassles (funny story)

Anyone had any experience with something like this and can lend some legal advice for a friend in need? In all seriousness, he needs it. If nothing else, its a pretty funny story of a day riding gone waaaaay wrong...also a heads up not to use the wrong license plate on a bike in CA. The guy just bought a used YZ400 and has all the Baja Designs stuff on it to make it street legal but didn't quite get around to it...

i rode the yz400 with my XR400 plate up in mammoth

and got pulled over cuz the pigman thought i had

no mirror...then he was about to let me go then noticed i had no speedo and thought that was illegal and i told him no, so he looked it up then he called in the plate # and it was a honda so he thought i stole the bike so i got arrested ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!! I was the big bust for the day...

cuffed and bike impounded...the guy was calling all his friends bragging (sundays in Mammoth are pretty slow) ... then after 3 hours of BS i had to walk back to my campsite in the dark, really difficult, took 2 hours to get to camp only to realize a bear had gone thru all my stuff!!!

i took that as a sign that i was not wanted there so i packed all my crap and got outta dodge...left at midnight to drive to LA....

Now i just got my paperwork for the yz and can't street register it cuz i need a vin verification but the bike's in mammoth at the impound.. so to get it out i gotta register it here as a dirt bike and it'll screw me up cuz i gotta go to court on july 15th in mammoth for fraudulent use of state property (swapping license plates), which is a felony!!!!

got any suggestions on what i should do? my legal counsel is on a 6 month dual sport ride in europe now...

2 ideas:

1. Don't break the law.

2. Get a legal dual sport bike.

You guys kill me trying to street these closed course bikes. I just don't get it. Buy a dual sport.

I think it was Starsky and Hutch who said it best:

"If you can't do the time, don' do the crime"

Or maybe that was Shaft.

Try "Beretta" (Robert Blake should have taken his own advise)

Beretta was my mom's favorite show back in the '70's that how i know.Thanks now i can't get that stupid song out of my head!!


I actually had a street legal YZ400. It's not that hard..

it's just hard to remember which license plate goes to which bike............ tell your friend to fight the arrest, this way the copper wil get lots of overtime to pay for his dirt bike.....

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