Recall info (Kawasaki)

I just stumbled across this on consumer reports and I know some of you have kids who ride so here is some recall info. I wasn't sure where to post this so here it is. :) There are a lot of recalls for motorcycles in general at and I think the recall info is free for the public. Please pass it along if you know anyone with the affected bikes:


2000 Kawasaki KX65-A1


Frame down tube could crack.


359 motorcycles.

What to do:

Have dealer inspect vehicle and, if necessary, repair or replace



2001 Kawasaki motorcycle


Brake-pedal cotter pin could fail, causing loss of rear braking.


1,487 KX65-A2, KX85-A1, KX100-D1, KX125-L3, KX250-L3, and

KX500-E3 motorcycles.

What to do:

Company will send owners a new cotter pin with installation


They used an aluminum cotter pin! That's like throwing a sheet of paper off the titanic to keep it from sinking.

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