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Hey, does anyone use Mobil 1 in their bikes? I heard in earlier posts that a lot of people use 15w50. Has anyone had any long term problems or has everyone switched back to motorcycle oil? If anyone uses anything other than motorcycle oil, what do you use?

I have used Mobil 1 15-50, it seems to work good. I just put in some valvoline 15-50 race oil. It is cheaper than the Mobil. I change oil after every other ride. I posted the same question about 2 months ago and most will agree that as long as you stay away from oils that say Energy Conserving you will be ok. You can tell if you have the energy conserving oils by looking at the back label it will have a circle and the lower half will say energy conserving or won't.

So stay with good oil, change oil regularly, and have fun.

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Hey, nevermind the mobil 1, I just found Valvoline 4-stroke motorcycle oil at checker auto. It says it is made for wet clutches and all. And best of all it is 2 bucks a quart!

whew! glad we got that ordeal outta the way.

I also just started using the valvoline four stroke oil 10w-40. Has anyone used this and had trouble with it?

I have been using mobil 1 for trail riding and some moto x without problems but just this sunday we put mobil 1 in my sons bike instead of bel-ray 4-stroke oil and had a bottom rod bearing seize after 8 laps of practice. Maybe a coincidence but the bike only has about 40 hours on it with ritualistic maintenance and this was the only change made.Upon draining the oil it appears his aggressive clutch use didn't mix well with this oil.I will bo tearing the motor apart to remove crank and inspect every oil passage and pump to look for obstruction, also check crank for trueness,will report any problems or if all comes back to oil. As of now, back to bel-ray.

120 hours on Mobil 1 and still going strong.

I too use the Mobile 1. I think it's a great oil. In fact I bought a whole case of it. I do have some clutch grab at times when motor is cold but if I let it warm goes away and the clutch is strong.

Bel Ray 10w40 I even run this in my lawnmower, great oil, all I have ever run, and I buy it by the Gallon. Frank

CW I tried the Belray oil too. I didnt like the way the clutch worked. Just kinda vague. I tried the mobil 1 too. I went back to GoldenSpectro4. I maybe smokin crack here, but it seems like its more consistent with the G/S. Probably just mental voodoo.

well, I got everything torn to pieces and inspected to find scratches in the oil pump where dibris has been through it. Nothing horrific looking but marks none-the-less. Nothing else looks plugged or out of sorts with the exception that Yamaha's casting of the cases suck. There are probably 75 casting protrusions inside the cases just waiting to come off and go through the engine. These little noduals are mostly smaller than a tip of a pencil(which would fit through the pick-up screen)Buy a few are as big as a BB. As I feel this is the start of my problem I am going to debur the entire cases and eliminate the possibility of repeat. Looks like the Mobil oil is off the hook for my bike. Question-Anybody else had this problem. This bike is barely broken in by 4-stroke standards.

Are you using the Mobil 1 motorcycle oil or the regular automotive type? I avoid automotive oils since they can cause clutch problems. I used BelRay synthetic until I got my 426. Now I like Yamalube 4-R.

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Mobil 1 15-50 automotive oil (in the red cap).

I have had no clutch problems whatsoever.


Good to know that. I use the Mobil-1 in mine and my wiffe's trucks. Its really good stuff, but I thinl I'll stick with Yamalube. good luck with your scoot!


Bill Barnard

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