im dissapointed with my 250f

well remeber when i was having so many problems with my bike it would only run on choke or if i gave it any gas it would die, i took it to a guy i knew, all the valves were in spec carb was cleaned out top to bottom the top end was fine, we had it all back together started up 2nd kick like usuall and it accepted throttle and ran good, i was so happy but about five minutes after that once the motor was warm it killed and would not start, we got it to start once, and then came back the same symptoms wont accept gas, and only ran on choke, he has reason to beleive the stator is bad in it , since it will run fine when its cold but acts all goofy when it warmed up normally id be ok with it but it pisses me off when its only a month and a half old , have any of u guys experienced anything like this, and think this could be the prob, and how much do one of these things cost,

Are you shure that your fuel screw is still in? Mine did the exact same thing when I forgot to put it back in. They vibrate out once and a while. If it is in there are you shure it is adjusted right?

Some electronic parts are bad from the factory, there's nothing we can do about it. Some parts pass the quality check and work fine initially and then fail very shortly after they enter normal use. It sucks, but it happens with everything electronic.

Sir thump is right, what your having is a heat related failure in the ignition. See if you can swap out the ignition and run it. You might want to - very nicley - go ask the service manager if he can swap out the ignition and start it and see if the problem persists. Good luck, but you wouldnt be the first with this problem. If your bike is less than a year old, you may get this deal warrantied.

I would definitely get ahold of the dealer you bought it from and politely ask for some free assistance. If the dealer won't help you, get ahold of Yamaha and make sure they know the whole story including the part about the dealer brushing you off. While there isn't a written warranty, Yamaha does stand behind their products and are usually very willing to make mistakes right.

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